In Closing... Appreciation

~ Beautiful Ones ~ ,

All of us at the Oracle Gatherings wish to send you our deepest appreciations for eight years of creativity, community, artistic expression, and celebration. Our original goal was to call forth the community dedicated to communication and self-healing. Together we have made this a reality, a testament of how truly beautiful this could be. Many of you began long lasting friendships, found life partners, conceived beautiful children through the course of or even at an Oracle Gathering. Thank you again for being a part of something so magical for so many..

Oracle Gatherings Tarot Decks ~ now available from Epic Loot Guild
Completion! Together, we shared in the creation and execution of 23 multi media events and festivals celebrating 23 themes that speak to our culture and now form a tarot deck. The finished deck, which was given to participants in The Fountain last summer, is now available for sale through our friends at Epic Loot Guild. You can find them at festivals and gatherings on the West Coast, and we hope they will last through next summer's festival season.  If you would like to order a deck from Epic Loot Guild now, you can find them at the following links:


Future Gatherings

The team is in the process of drawing this project to a close, and so it is time to address future communication and opportunities to collaborate and gather. Michael Manahan and Osiris Indriya, two of the founding members of the Oracle Gatherings, will continued to offer music and art gatherings, concerts, and club nights in Seattle and beyond. Both would like to continue to send you invitations and notifications from time to time. As always, you may opt out at any time, though we would love to stay in touch as we create the evolutions the Oracle Gatherings have inspired.

In Closing
This is no goodbye, but an opportunity for all of us integrate all of the lessons the Oracle has offered and let it inspire infinite potential. Now is a time to share in the memories and inspire each other to create the future. Merrily we met. Merrily we part, and may we merrily meet once again.


In La Kesh & Namaste,

The Oracle Gatherings

Thank You

This event and series is now complete. Thank you to all who made this the most magickal eight years!

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